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food & faith

Listening to food – what it tells us about who we are…

Eating is about more than taking on fuel.  Whether we realize or not, eating is a window into our most basic beliefs about ourselves and the world in which we live.


“Human beings don’t just eat to live,”

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John Murray

Why is there so much good in our fallen world?

The answer to this question can be found in the doctrine of common grace.  


Writing during the early years of World War II, Scottish theologian John Murray penned a very helpful exposition of this doctrine, which he introduced

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Man's Search for Meaning

Is happiness necessary for a good life?

Happiness. Feeling good. No stress. No worries.  These are ways that many Americans describe the good life.  But in an article entitled “Against Happiness,” philosopher Carl Elliott doubts the “wisdom of making psychological well-being the sole measure of

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Meaning of Sex - J Bud

After the sexual revolution — brokenness, boredom, hedonism, nihilism…

The debris of the sixties sexual revolution continues to wash up onto our cultural shores.  Hooking up.  Pornography.  Anorexia.  Bulimia.  Abortion.  Cutting.  STDs.  We all see the devastation. 


But some

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T. S. Eliot

The Incarnation — Was it birth or was it death?

The passion of Christ is generally though to encompass the final hours of Jesus’s life.  But is that so?  T. S. Eliot’s imaginative poem, “The Journey of the Magi,” suggests that the passion began much earlier. 


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Martin Luther

A theology primer: the priesthood of all believers…

If the priesthood of all believers was a “cardinal principle of the Reformation” in the 16th century, where has it gone?


The short answer is that it was a “cardinal principle” in principle only.  The priesthood of all

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Human to Posthuman

From Providence to progress to process…

Every day we live with the consequences of deep cultural change that began hundreds of years ago.  The arrival of the postmodern era signals a profound change in the way the world is understood—and in the way people expect

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Learning to be contented with the grace of God…

“To need God is a human being’s highest perfection.”  Describing this proposition as an “upbuilding thought,” Søren Kierkegaard presented it to his Danish readers as a way of introducing them to the essence of Christianity.  And Paul’s second …

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John Coe

Living and Learning in the Dark Night of the Soul…

Where is God?  Why does God let such things happen?  Why is he silent?  Anguish, desolation and despondency are frequently the lot of those who have raised such questions down through the ages.  Often, the asker

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Center Church

Why justification by faith is not just about the salvation of souls…

Commenting on the state of sermons coming from contemporary pulpits is a risky business—especially if you’re not part of the preaching guild.


Like lots of people in the pews, many pastors have theoretical commitments to doctrines that never get

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