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Making babies to order, selling ‘extras’ on the black market…

Outsourcing pregnancy, baby factories, wombs-for-rent, baby farms, and breeders are some of the terms used in discussing the international market for surrogacy—none of which are very flattering.  But HBO Watch editor Jef Dinsmore goes a step farther in describing

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Slippery Slope

Doctors helping people, even healthy people and children, to die…

Physician-assisted suicide is currently legal in five states:  Oregon (1997), Washington (2009), Montana (2009), Vermont (2013) and New Mexico (2014).  And California is set to become number six, depending on whether Gov. Jerry Brown gives a signature or

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Mere Christianity 2

The vice of which no one in the world is free…

In the fourth section of Mere Christianity, “Christian Behavior,” C. S. Lewis comes to what he calls “the great sin.”  It is the sin which stands in polar opposition to the virtue of humility.  Pride or self-conceit,

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Triumph of the Therapeutic-ISI Cover

How the ethics of abortion can be like the ethics of desiring a Snickers bar…

A recent article in Cosmopolitan should make a Minnesota mother, a lawyer, the poster child for our contemporary therapeutic culture.  According to sociologist Philip Rieff, in a therapeutic understanding of the world, there is “nothing at stake beyond a

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Living by lies … but with no help from me!

It is dangerous to draw too close parallels between one nation’s history and another’s.  But if we are to learn anything from the past, we must pay attention to the parallels that do exist.  We’ve been twice warned.

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Robert George

The end of comfortable Christianity…

The moment has arrived!  It is no longer easy to be a faithful Christian witness.  The operative words here are, of course, “faithful” and “witness.”  To be faithful is to be true to the truths of Christianity.

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I Am Charlotte Simmons

The sexualization of the American college…

“Dorm Brothel” was published in Christianity Today in 2005.  In this article, Vigen Guroian provided a small window into the sexual chaos on American campuses that Tom Wolfe’s novel, I Am Charlotte Simmons, had chronicled in greater detail

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N. D. Wilson-2

What should truth and morality look like in children’s stories?

Starting again with G. K. Chesterton: “If the characters are not wicked, the book is.”


We still live in the shadow of the enormous cultural change that Chesterton wrote about almost exactly one hundred years ago.  While his

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Steve Turner 2

What folks worship when taboos are taboo…

In less than four hundred words, poet Steve Turner gives us a helpful survey of the modern mind.  His satirical poem “Creed” details many of the beliefs and practices of those who claim to reject all creeds in favor

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Mark Driscoll

Mark Driscoll, integrity, and the sound of silence…

Seattle pastor Mark Driscoll continues to undermine his once-recognized opportunity to be reckoned among leading Evangelical pastors.  This latest incident comes with revelations that Driscoll, and leaders at his Mars Hill church in Seattle, devised a scheme that enabled

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