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Steve Jobs

Low-tech parenting: Steve Jobs and other tech parents…

If you don’t carry a smartphone you’re old, odd, or eccentric.  You are hopelessly out of step with the times, according to conventional wisdom.  But is this wisdom?  Or, more precisely, convention without wisdom? 



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Reclaiming Conversation

Making a case for face-to-face conversation in an age of digital connection…

It may be the techies themselves who give us some of our better advice in the debate about the use of communications technology.  Kevin Kelly, senior maverick for Wired magazine, has written that smartphones are the new “sugar and

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William Deresiewicz

Friendships of feelings rather than relationships…

Friendship, like family and community, has fallen on hard times in our modern world.  Mobility, busyness, digital technology and numerous other factors have contributed to the thinning—if not the disappearance—of “true friendship.”  Friendship has become “the characteristically modern

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James K. A. Smith

Thinking carefully and theologically about technology…

“We shape our tools and afterwards our tools shape us” wrote communications expert Marshall McLuhan in the early 1960s.  His assessment of the various communications media (radio, television, movies, telephones, and computers) was simply, “We become what we behold.”

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Alissa Quart-2

Teen identity in the culture of self-promotion…

To the worm in horse radish, the whole world is horse radish, runs the old Yiddish proverb.  The same might be said of Americans and popular culture.  Since it’s all we know, it’s quite often invisible.



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Facebook, sadness and the ‘friendship paradox’…

Understanding the social impact of Facebook and the other social media is an ongoing challenge.  Yes, it helps us stay in touch with lots of friends and acquaintances.  It’s a good way to quickly pass on certain kinds

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Imagining the Kingdom

How social media turns our gaze back upon ourselves…

Technology is neither good nor bad, nor is it neutral.  This is a lesson taught by Plato and repeated by Neil Postman.  The French sociologist Jacques Ellul makes the same point and so does historian of science Melvin

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Stop Phubbing

Stop Phubbing! The war against anti-social phone use…

Phubbing is phone-snubbing.  It happens when someone pays attention to their mobile phone instead of the people in their immediate presence.  Many of us are guilty!  We’re also guilty of excusing our companions when they reach for

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Twitter Addiction

Listening to the pain of a recovering Twitter addict…

What does it profit a man if he gains 130,427 Twitter followers and loses his own soul?  The best person to answer this question is Sammy Rhodes who, in his own words, became “irrepressibly and obsessively hooked” on Twitter.

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Digital Distraction

Coming to grips with the culture of digital distraction…

The Web gives; the Web takes away.  Blessed is the person who understands how the Web works.


·         It enables 24/7 connections and the possibility of “multitasking.”  It takes away “mindfulness”—the ability to focus on the

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