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Andrew Peterson--2

The Humanitas Forum – Andrew Peterson

Singer/songwriter, author of Christian fantasy, committed family man—this is Andrew Peterson.  He is an against-the-grain contemporary artist with a passion for home, family, friendship, community, and a certain plot of land (where he lives with his family near Nashville).

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The Humanitas Forum – Why and how to study theology…

“Whenever we think or hear or read or say anything about God, we are doing theology.” In this talk, Dr. Kelly Kapic will lead us in a discussion of what theology is and why it matters.  Not only concerned

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The Humanitas Forum – The Humanizing Spirit

The title of one of Friedrich Nietzsche’s books complains that we are “human, all too human.” Interestingly enough, on this score Christians often agree with the great atheist philosopher. We feel that if we weren’t so “human” we could be

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The Humanitas Forum


Mark your calendar!


Here’s the schedule for the upcoming winter/spring Humanitas Forum on Christianity and Culture.  Please note that we will be meeting at a new location.  The Peachtree Learning Center is located at 402

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Mark Coppenger

Christian apologetics in an age of relativism…

Only a few decades ago, Christian apologists argued chiefly with atheists and agnostics.  These folks denied the truth of theism or Christianity.  They said Christians just didn’t have the wherewithal to make confident claims about the truth of

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Anthony Lawton

The Great Divorce with Anthony Lawton…

Anthony Lawton will make you laugh.  He will make you think.  He will also make you examine your own soul as he portrays the rationalizations and self-deceptions used to refuse Heaven. 


Anthony’s masterful performance combines with

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Drew Trotter

The Movies and America

It has become a commonplace in cultural discussion in the last half century to recognize the power of film as a significant shaper of American society and its values. This popular annual lecture, delivered a dozen or so times a

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