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Coddling--American Mind--2

The coddling of the collegiate mind…

“What culture has ever attempted to see to it that no ego is hurt?” was written in 1966 by the sociologist Philip Rieff. 


But it is a line fitting for “The Coddling of the American Mind,” recently published

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Staying Christian in College-2

Staying Christian in college…

J. Budziszewski has a passion for helping young people maintain a vibrant faith in college.  He knows their challenges first-hand.  As a student, he himself walked away from the Christian faith of his childhood.  Having returned to

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I Am Charlotte Simmons

The sexualization of the American college…

“Dorm Brothel” was published in Christianity Today in 2005.  In this article, Vigen Guroian provided a small window into the sexual chaos on American campuses that Tom Wolfe’s novel, I Am Charlotte Simmons, had chronicled in greater detail

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Mark Bauerlein

Parents, keep reading aloud to your children…

Mark Bauerlein is something of a contrarian—but in a good way.  He is thoughtful and constructive, not simply reflexive and crabby.  He is willing to give voice to controversial research findings that others may avoid.  For example,

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N. D. Wilson-2

What should truth and morality look like in children’s stories?

Starting again with G. K. Chesterton: “If the characters are not wicked, the book is.”


We still live in the shadow of the enormous cultural change that Chesterton wrote about almost exactly one hundred years ago.  While his

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Andi Ashworth

Cultivating creativity in children…

As with many things, G. K. Chesterton got it right on raising young children.  They require being “taught not so much anything as everything.”  Instead of specializing—instead of being taught what Chesterton called a “trade”—they need “to be

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A Little Manual-Knowing--Meek

How do we know what we know?

We all know that we are knowers, but we seldom think about knowing itself.  For the most part, knowing is taken for granted until we encounter some really difficult problem.


What we may need is some “epistemological therapy,”

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Let Children Fail

Why it’s important to let children fail…

The family is in bad shape.  Divorce, single parenting, hard economic times, and parents who are overly busy and distracted are a few of the contributing factors. 


The problems of poor parenting gets everyone’s attention—from organizations such

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Learning about learning and human nature at the movies…

Lessons on teaching methods and educational philosophy are not what we typically expect at the movies.  Most people expect lots of action and entertaining plots.  The Matrix and The Karate Kid offer both—one a futuristic sci-fi thriller, the

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Patience--Boy with Squirrel

How we’re wired to be impatient and how one art teacher is resisting…

Technology is not neutral—it wires our expectations.  It enables our desires to be satisfied with ever increasing immediacy.  The two-day delivery of Amazon Prime is not about to become passé.  But like the other giant retailers Walmart

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