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Making babies to order, selling ‘extras’ on the black market…

Outsourcing pregnancy, baby factories, wombs-for-rent, baby farms, and breeders are some of the terms used in discussing the international market for surrogacy—none of which are very flattering.  But HBO Watch editor Jef Dinsmore goes a step farther in describing

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A constitutional right to same-sex marriage … what’s next?

Indeed!  What is next?  This is the question raised on all sides—left, right and center.  How do we get on in a culture so deeply divided by the debate over same-sex marriage?  The Supreme Court’s ruling

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Peter Leithart--2

Fearful parents raising fearful children…

As the father of ten and the grandfather of seven, Peter Leithart has some wise counsel for raising healthy children in our rapidly declining culture.  Rather than a detailed blueprint, he provides a broad outline gleaned from a wide-ranging

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Robert George

The end of comfortable Christianity…

The moment has arrived!  It is no longer easy to be a faithful Christian witness.  The operative words here are, of course, “faithful” and “witness.”  To be faithful is to be true to the truths of Christianity.

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N. D. Wilson-2

What should truth and morality look like in children’s stories?

Starting again with G. K. Chesterton: “If the characters are not wicked, the book is.”


We still live in the shadow of the enormous cultural change that Chesterton wrote about almost exactly one hundred years ago.  While his

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Andi Ashworth

Cultivating creativity in children…

As with many things, G. K. Chesterton got it right on raising young children.  They require being “taught not so much anything as everything.”  Instead of specializing—instead of being taught what Chesterton called a “trade”—they need “to be

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Justin Barnard

Virtues, Vices, and Devices in Family Life

Two revolutions have radically altered the way families think about the meaning of the “home.”  The technological revolution currently extends and broadens the impact of the industrial revolution.  As a result, prevailing family practices create tension with a

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Cool Kids

Blessed are the nerds for they shall inherit the earth…

If we all think for a moment, we all know them—the “queen bees and homecoming kings” who sadly slip off their pedestals by their mid-twenties.  “What happened to so-and-so?” is probably the most frequently asked question at

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Timothy Dalrymple

Staying Christian in college, some sage advice…

College can be a hazardous place for the faith of young Christians.  There are numerous resources that provide wise counsel to the entering freshman.  Here are two of the better ones:  How to Stay Christian in College

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Let Children Fail

Why it’s important to let children fail…

The family is in bad shape.  Divorce, single parenting, hard economic times, and parents who are overly busy and distracted are a few of the contributing factors. 


The problems of poor parenting gets everyone’s attention—from organizations such

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