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William Wilberforce

Learning from William Wilberforce…

How to live in our increasingly secular culture?  That is the question that many, if not most, Christians are asking these days.  But the answer(s) is not clear even for those who have focused greatest attention on various

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Living at Crossroads

The “unbearable tension” of living at the crossroads…

Should we fit in?  Should we hunker down? Should we retreat?  Should we engage?  How should Christians respond to the challenges of living in a post-Christian culture?  The answers to these questions will be decisive as

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Ken Myers-4

Against dualistic Christianity – the cosmic Lordship of Christ…

Western culture has shaped the church in many ways.  Quite possibly the most “profound and subtle way” is that the church has come to “tacitly and explicitly” accept the dualism that is at the heart of modernity, according to

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Ken Myers-4

Against privatized Christianity – the cosmic Lordship of Christ…

Contemporary Christianity has been shaped profoundly by the modern assumption that all religion is to be restricted to the personal and private realms of life.  Christianity has not disappeared.  Rather, it has been relocated with the result that

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A Little Manual-Knowing--Meek

How do we know what we know?

We all know that we are knowers, but we seldom think about knowing itself.  For the most part, knowing is taken for granted until we encounter some really difficult problem.


What we may need is some “epistemological therapy,”

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Remembering the Christian Past

Bearing witness to the one true God in a secular age…

The secular assault on the Christianity is, in essence, a project of banishing Christian practice to the private lives of believers.  You can keep your Christianity if you reduce it to ideas, feelings, and experiences.

But the ferocity of

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Rachel Lu

How peppers and summer squash can teach morality…

One of the “joys of dirt” is that many important moral lessons can be learned from gardening.  Gardening can serve as a “kind of moral kindergarten,” according to philosophy teacher Rachel Lu.


Although, she “came late to the world

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Steve Turner 2

What folks worship when taboos are taboo…

In less than four hundred words, poet Steve Turner gives us a helpful survey of the modern mind.  His satirical poem “Creed” details many of the beliefs and practices of those who claim to reject all creeds in favor

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Ideas Have Consequences

The death of character – ideas do have consequences…

Character is dead.  It did not die a natural death.  Its demise had been a long time coming.  Moral character ceased to be possible as our culture increasingly refused to accept objective good and evil.



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Vaclav Havel

“Living in Truth” — the passion of a secular prophet…

Prophets often come in strange guises and from unexpected places.  Although their message may point to the spiritual nature of the universe, they themselves may not be religious.


Václav Havel was such a prophet.  He began his

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