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Lyre of Orpheus

Can Christian music be real rock ’n roll?

“Your mama don’t dance, And your daddy don’t rock and roll,” a line from the 1972 hit by Kenny Loggins and Jim Messina, offers insight into generational tensions at a critical time in American culture.  The rock ’n roll

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The Humanitas Forum – Keith Getty

Please remember that Irish hymn-writer Keith Getty will be speaking this coming Friday, November 15, in The Humanitas Forum.  You may register by going here — all additional details are below.


In Christ Alone:

Hymns for the Christian Life

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Keith Getty

The Humanitas Forum — Keith Getty

“‘In Christ Alone’ is well on its way to becoming the ‘Amazing Grace’ of this generation.” 


This remarkable assessment was offered recently by theologian Timothy George in “No Squishy Love,” a column written for the First Things website.

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Andrew Peterson--2

The Humanitas Forum – Andrew Peterson

Singer/songwriter, author of Christian fantasy, committed family man—this is Andrew Peterson.  He is an against-the-grain contemporary artist with a passion for home, family, friendship, community, and a certain plot of land (where he lives with his family near Nashville).

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Tragic Worship-2

Contemporary worship as escape from reality….

Is it poor theology?  Or incomplete theology?  Or theology that is captive to cultural sensibilities?  Or, could it be some combination of all three?


The problem with much Christian worship in the contemporary world, Catholic and

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Praise Bands-JKASmith

Can a praise band lead worship?

“An Open Letter to Praise Bands” is the title of a short article written by college professor James K. A. Smith. His comments are too short to be anything like a theology of worship.  Rather, his purpose is to

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Song-Shaped Soul

The song-shaped soul…

“Why do Christians sing?”  This question is, of course, a subset of a larger question, “Why do human beings sing?”  According to the Scottish composer and hymn writer John Bell, “We sing because we can.”  It is something

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