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Ken Myers-4

Against dualistic Christianity – the cosmic Lordship of Christ…

Western culture has shaped the church in many ways.  Quite possibly the most “profound and subtle way” is that the church has come to “tacitly and explicitly” accept the dualism that is at the heart of modernity, according to

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Ken Myers-4

Against privatized Christianity – the cosmic Lordship of Christ…

Contemporary Christianity has been shaped profoundly by the modern assumption that all religion is to be restricted to the personal and private realms of life.  Christianity has not disappeared.  Rather, it has been relocated with the result that

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Triumph of the Therapeutic-ISI Cover

How the ethics of abortion can be like the ethics of desiring a Snickers bar…

A recent article in Cosmopolitan should make a Minnesota mother, a lawyer, the poster child for our contemporary therapeutic culture.  According to sociologist Philip Rieff, in a therapeutic understanding of the world, there is “nothing at stake beyond a

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Jenner-Vanity Fair

Why the transgendering of Bruce Jenner is as American as apple pie…

Yes, what Bruce Jenner has done is as profoundly American.  It advances a strain of American culture clearly articulated in the late 1800s by Walt Whitman’s epic poem, Song of Myself:  “I Celebrate myself, and sing myself,

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Pew Research Center

The fastest growing religion in the world is …

Pure and simple, the future is the great unknown.  But the Pew Research Center’s “The Future of World Religions” should be taken seriously—given the massive amount of research that went into the report.  In sum, religion is not

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Harvard Business Review-Hallowell

Chronic busyness is bad for your brain…

Traffic jams and overloaded brains are the products of modern life.  And they are similar in significant ways.  Traffic slows when there are too many automobiles on a roadway, producing irritated drivers and causing accidents. Brain overload also

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Remembering the Christian Past

Bearing witness to the one true God in a secular age…

The secular assault on the Christianity is, in essence, a project of banishing Christian practice to the private lives of believers.  You can keep your Christianity if you reduce it to ideas, feelings, and experiences.

But the ferocity of

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Os Guinness--Renaissance

How the Church can learn an important lesson from the Vietnam War…

“If you can’t measure it, it doesn’t exist” is a taken-for-granted axiom of our age.  It is part of everyday thinking as well as a key component in medical and other forms of research.  It has played an

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Steve Turner 2

What folks worship when taboos are taboo…

In less than four hundred words, poet Steve Turner gives us a helpful survey of the modern mind.  His satirical poem “Creed” details many of the beliefs and practices of those who claim to reject all creeds in favor

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The missionary problem of modern culture…

“Privately engaging, socially irrelevant” is how one sociologist describes privatized Christianity.  Things of faith are restricted to the Christian’s personal life.  Faith is left at home and at church and not taken into the public arena.


Religion doesn’t

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