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Fool's Talk--2

Evangelizing the apathetic…

Our pluralistic, post-Christian age is “quite simply the greatest opportunity for Christian witness since the time of Jesus and the apostles.”  Yet, Christians have failed to face up to many of the realities of our secular age—especially that our

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Tim Keller-3

Preparing for the big issues facing the church…

From the vantage point of pastoring in Manhattan for some twenty five years, Tim Keller has a distinctive perspective on bringing the Gospel to a diverse secular culture.  He has written about this challenge in several places, most extensively

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The New Yorker-4

The spiritual roots of our culture of distraction…

Attention is a finite resource—a fact rarely acknowledged in our culture of busyness and 24/7 connectivity.  But we need to attend to attention because it is “the faculty by which [we] encounter the world.”


This is the case

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Transgender--Time--Tipping Point

The other side of the transgender debate…

As the media and much of the American public celebrate the transition of Bruce Jenner to Caitlyn Jenner, there is an unreported down side to the realities of “gender fluidity.”  Only a few journals, blogs and websites have discussed

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Ideas Have Consequences

The death of character – ideas do have consequences…

Character is dead.  It did not die a natural death.  Its demise had been a long time coming.  Moral character ceased to be possible as our culture increasingly refused to accept objective good and evil.



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Christian theology in a posthuman culture…

What has Christian theology to do with posthuman culture?


Much—or it should!  Over a half-century ago C. S. Lewis warned that the last step in man’s conquest of nature would mean the conquest of human nature itself. 

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Postmodern Babies

Valued child or designer accessory? Making babies the postmodern way…

The hotly debated issue of “designer babies” is back in the news.  A patent has just been issued to 23andMe for “gamete donor selection based on genetic calculations.”


This California-based company will use their newly patented Family Traits

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Human to Posthuman

From Providence to progress to process…

Every day we live with the consequences of deep cultural change that began hundreds of years ago.  The arrival of the postmodern era signals a profound change in the way the world is understood—and in the way people expect

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Postmodern Condition

How were Adam and Eve like the postmodernists?

Postmodernism is defined as “incredulity toward metanarratives”—big stories can’t be trusted and must be regarded with suspicion.  Comprehensive explanations of the flow of history and of how things work are regarded with skepticism.  Thus, postmodern thought cuts against

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