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Capitol Hill Baptist

Profiling a church that mostly attracts the under-thirty crowd…

It goes against the grain of church marketing.  There is no praise band and no PowerPoint for either the sermon or the music.  The sermons are long, really long!  But the typical Sunday congregation is mostly young

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Jesus Christ--Life of the Mind

Jesus Christ and the life of the mind…

The Scandal of the Evangelical Mind is undoubtedly one of the most significant assessments of modern evangelicalism to date.  Historian Mark Noll summed up his appraisal in the very first sentence:  “The scandal of the evangelical mind is

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Book of Common Prayer-Jacobs

Living words in the mouths of those who have a living faith…

Birthed in an age of political intrigue and religious reformation, the Book of Common Prayer has had a long and influential as well as complicated life.  Even after almost 500 years, its influence on Christian worship is “a big

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Discipleship-Present Tense

The call to holy worldliness…

Revisiting the story of the Reformation is a task that all of us should set ourselves to from time to time.  It’s a complex story that is something of a culmination of ongoing efforts at reform—reform envisioned by leaders

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The Humanitas Forum – Keith Getty

Please remember that Irish hymn-writer Keith Getty will be speaking this coming Friday, November 15, in The Humanitas Forum.  You may register by going here — all additional details are below.


In Christ Alone:

Hymns for the Christian Life

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Learning to read in cyberspace…

Some of the most important questions never get asked!  Certain things seem so obvious that we never think to inquire into their nature.  Reading is one of those things.  It’s taken for granted that reading is for

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When is a church like a Swiss Army knife?

The debate about megachurches has been going on for years.  Inside the church, some of the most insightful observations have been offered by theologian David Wells, sociologist Os Guinness, and seminary professor Michael Horton.


Recently, Wired Magazine offered

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Tragic Worship-2

Contemporary worship as escape from reality….

Is it poor theology?  Or incomplete theology?  Or theology that is captive to cultural sensibilities?  Or, could it be some combination of all three?


The problem with much Christian worship in the contemporary world, Catholic and

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Praise Bands-JKASmith

Can a praise band lead worship?

“An Open Letter to Praise Bands” is the title of a short article written by college professor James K. A. Smith. His comments are too short to be anything like a theology of worship.  Rather, his purpose is to

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