My name is Michael Poore; I’m the founder and executive director of The Humanitas Forum on Christianity and Culture.

From our beginning eight years ago, The Humanitas Forum has been guided by a very big question:  What does it mean to follow Jesus in contemporary post-Christian culture?  My goal for the Forum has two parts, following the example of the men of Issachar in 1 Chronicles 12:32:

  1. To provide resources that aid in accurately understanding contemporary culture;
  2. To provide a venue for sorting out how best to engage this culture on the basis of historic Christian convictions.

Guided by the conviction that the Christian faith should relate to all of life, I address issues across the broad spectrum of contemporary culture:  the arts, the media, medicine, technology, law, education, popular culture, government, business, science, industry, and agriculture.

You may notice that I tend to give more attention to bioethics.  It’s my special interest, and it’s an area that Evangelical Christians have not given enough attention:  selling and buying body parts, renting wombs, women selling their eggs to pay for college, a resurgent eugenics that determines which babies will be born, the advocacy of infanticide and euthanasia, designing babies that will be crippled, and numerous other profound ethical issues.

The issues in the bioethics arena are obviously important in and of themselves.  But they also provide a window into deeper, often unnoticed, currents in the broader culture—faith in technology, pragmatic decision making, the elevation of science as a way of knowing the world, a changing understanding of what it means to be human, the reduction of the natural world to raw material for satisfying human desires, and so on.

I usually post four or five times per week.  You may subscribe by e-mail or RSS in order to avoid missing the latest posts.  You can find previous posts in the archive by going to the drop-down box “Categories” at the top of the page.

To get in touch with me, please visit my Contact page.

Michael Poore
Executive Director
The Humanitas Forum on Christianity and Culture