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Sloth, the besetting sin of our age!

Sloth has been considered one of the seven deadly sins for much of Church history.  It can be described differently when viewed from different angles.  In the world, it can call “itself Tolerance, but in hell it is

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Fool's Talk--2

Evangelizing the apathetic…

Our pluralistic, post-Christian age is “quite simply the greatest opportunity for Christian witness since the time of Jesus and the apostles.”  Yet, Christians have failed to face up to many of the realities of our secular age—especially that our

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George Herbert

The unmaking of a young atheist…

“I blame George Herbert for me becoming a Christian.”  In language reminiscent of C. S. Lewis, Miranda Threlfall-Holmes tells how the poetry of George Herbert opened the first cracks in her atheistic commitments:  “I realised that this poetry

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Blaise Pascal on presenting Christianity to despisers of religion…

Men despise religion; they hate it and fear it is true. To remedy this, we must begin by showing that religion is not contrary to reason; that it is venerable, to inspire respect for it; then we must make it

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Feminine Beauty--Elle

Why popular culture’s view of feminine beauty matters!

What is beauty?  And who decides?  In the pop culture arena, we all have a good idea.  Ultimately, it’s the marketing executives in a broad range of intertwining industries— advertising, film, fashion, television, and magazine publishing.


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C. S. Lewis-2

C. S. Lewis on the arts, aesthetics, and Christianity…

C. S. Lewis was one of the most effective Christian evangelists of the 20th Century, even when we include preachers like Billy Graham.  Without question, he was the most effective evangelist who used literature as the medium for

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Ken Myers-4

When Christians practice a cultureless faith…

There’s a fairly common complaint among Christians that their faith has been pushed out of public life.  And there’s considerable truth to this claim.  But what often goes unnoticed or unacknowledged is the fact that Christians have abandoned

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C. S. Lewis

Stealing past those watchful dragons…


The answer was “no.”  C. S. Lewis could not write “directly theological pieces” for Christianity Today.  His days of writing straightforward apologetics were over, as he explained in response to a request from editor Carl F.

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Wild Things

How Sendak may be more realistic than Sunday school or catechism class…

Where the Wild Things Are is a dark book for a dark universe, according to Dr. Russell Moore.  In a recent article in Touchstone magazine, “Death of a Wild Thing,” Dr. Moore offers some provocative reflections on how this

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Church and culture — the imagination as a means of grace…

“The Christian church has been guilty of a great abdication.”

Somehow, we’ve forgotten that art, beauty, and the imagination are important to the life of the Church—to the life of the Church as the Church and to the life of …

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