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Slippery Slope

Doctors helping people, even healthy people and children, to die…

Physician-assisted suicide is currently legal in five states:  Oregon (1997), Washington (2009), Montana (2009), Vermont (2013) and New Mexico (2014).  And California is set to become number six, depending on whether Gov. Jerry Brown gives a signature or

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An Evangelical Manifesto

The Evangelicals – Who they are, what they believe, why it matters…

“Save the E-Word” is the title of a short essay written by the editorial staff of Christianity Today in 2006.  They suggested that it was time to “improve the public perception of evangelicalism.”  But only two years later,

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Mere Christianity

The hope of heaven in unsettling times…

Living in unsettling times requires perspective—that is, a focus on heaven rightly understood.  Today’s culture wars are as unsettling as fighting wars and both show how fragile civilization actually is. 


How to maintain perspective—how to keep

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Living by lies … but with no help from me!

It is dangerous to draw too close parallels between one nation’s history and another’s.  But if we are to learn anything from the past, we must pay attention to the parallels that do exist.  We’ve been twice warned.

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Rod Dreher-2

The meaning of ‘post-Christian’ is now clearly defined…

No, the sky is not falling, but things will never be the same again.  Or more precisely, the vulnerability of religious liberty has become unquestionably clear.  Even secular law professors agree. 


The Supreme Court’s Obergefell decision

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A constitutional right to same-sex marriage … what’s next?

Indeed!  What is next?  This is the question raised on all sides—left, right and center.  How do we get on in a culture so deeply divided by the debate over same-sex marriage?  The Supreme Court’s ruling

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Robert George

The end of comfortable Christianity…

The moment has arrived!  It is no longer easy to be a faithful Christian witness.  The operative words here are, of course, “faithful” and “witness.”  To be faithful is to be true to the truths of Christianity.

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James Mumford

Religious liberty is for losers…

From flower shops to bakeries to wedding mills to elite universities, religious liberty has become one of the burning issues of our day.  In these varied arenas, a diverse group of folks, who self-identify as Christian, fear that they

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Os Guinness-3

Religious freedom may be lost — but not by my hand!

Few people are as passionate about religious freedom as Os Guinness.  He and his family were among the victims of the Chinese revolution led by Mao Tse Tung.  The son of medical missionaries, Guinness lost two brothers during

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Hobby Lobby

What Hobby Lobby means, present and future…

Religious liberty is the first freedom.  It is the foundational human right that undergirds all the other rights that are necessary for us to enjoy rich and full lives.


Last Monday’s Supreme Court decision, Burwell v. Hobby Lobby

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