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Andi Ashworth

Cultivating creativity in children…

As with many things, G. K. Chesterton got it right on raising young children.  They require being “taught not so much anything as everything.”  Instead of specializing—instead of being taught what Chesterton called a “trade”—they need “to be

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Confessing pastoral malpractice…

The problem of malpractice is not unique to pastors!  And it’s not unique to the current generation of Christians.  One form of malpractice that was common in the early Church was also at the heart of the reformation

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Shopcraft as Soul Craft

Reclaiming the honor of working with our hands…

When a philosopher no longer wants to be a philosopher, he may have several career options.  But motorcycle mechanic is not one that comes readily to mind.


Nonetheless, that is the path taken by Matthew Crawford, who holds

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Discipleship-Present Tense

The call to holy worldliness…

Revisiting the story of the Reformation is a task that all of us should set ourselves to from time to time.  It’s a complex story that is something of a culmination of ongoing efforts at reform—reform envisioned by leaders

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Underemployed, unhitched, and unchurched…

The rising generation of Millennials has Dr. Brad Wilcox concerned.  They are “unmoored,” according to data recently published by the Pew Research Center.  “What Could Go Wrong?” is the question Dr. Wilcox asks as he sorts through the

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Scott Harrower

How God matters to your work…

The Trinity changes everything!  If this claim is so, how then are the implications worked out in the various realms of life?  How do we get beyond the discussions of the Trinity that we find in standard volumes

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David Naugle

A primer: Your work matters to God…

Are ordinary believers “second-class citizens” in the Kingdom of God?  Many of us feel that way today—many others have faced the same dilemma down through the centuries.  It’s the pastors, campus ministers, and missionaries who are called into

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The Call-Guinness

How Christians become “atheists unawares”…

Why are Christians no longer a force in shaping culture?  Like all big questions, this one doesn’t admit simple answers.  One response—one part of a more complete answer—is that most Christians do not have a theology of everyday

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The purpose of work…

Leisure, not work, is what life is all about.  We work for the weekend and the next vacation.  And long-range, a comfortable retirement is the reason for work.  Work is not done as an end in itself.

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Worldly Saints

Revisiting the Puritan work ethic on Labor Day…

“The Puritans aspired to be worldly saints—Christians with earth as their sphere of activity and with heaven as their ultimate hope. … For them, both worlds were equally real, and life was not divided into sacred and secular.”



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