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Jenner-Vanity Fair

Why the transgendering of Bruce Jenner is as American as apple pie…

Yes, what Bruce Jenner has done is as profoundly American.  It advances a strain of American culture clearly articulated in the late 1800s by Walt Whitman’s epic poem, Song of Myself:  “I Celebrate myself, and sing myself,

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Human to Posthuman

When animals and robots become people (2) …

“What does it mean to be human?” is perhaps the most significant question of the 21st century.  Or, asked a bit differently in anticipation of what we might anticipate in what’s called the biotech century, “What is the

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war on humans

When animals and robots become people (1) …

Bill Gates is concerned.  Stephen Hawking is worried.  And Elon Musk warns that artificial intelligence is the “greatest existential threat” facing humankind—“with artificial intelligence we are summoning the demon.”  


Sir Clive Sinclair goes even further: 

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Flannery O'Connor

Sentimental Christians, a brood of wingless chickens…

What is the chief end of God?  The “chief end of God is to glorify us and to be useful to us indefinitely.”  This inversion of the opening line of the Westminster Confession is theologian Leander Keck’s way …

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Shows about Nothing-Hibbs

Shows about nothing — nihilism in popular culture…

Cape Fear, The Exorcist, Pulp Fiction, The Ice Storm, and American Beauty are on the syllabus of a course taught by philosopher Thomas Hibbs at Baylor University.  Nihilism in American Culture also includes readings from

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Meaning of Sex - J Bud

After the sexual revolution — brokenness, boredom, hedonism, nihilism…

The debris of the sixties sexual revolution continues to wash up onto our cultural shores.  Hooking up.  Pornography.  Anorexia.  Bulimia.  Abortion.  Cutting.  STDs.  We all see the devastation. 


But some

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Christian theology in a posthuman culture…

What has Christian theology to do with posthuman culture?


Much—or it should!  Over a half-century ago C. S. Lewis warned that the last step in man’s conquest of nature would mean the conquest of human nature itself. 

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Escape from nihilism…

There is no difference between good and evil—this is just something made up by human beings.  In any case, we’re not responsible for what we do since everything we do is the result of prior causes.


Can a

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