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J. Budziszewski

Evangelizing neo-pagans

The Church has never before had the task of evangelizing neo-pagans.  The new pagans are very different from their earlier counterparts, the ones faced by the early Christians.  Evangelization “this time will not be the same” … “nothing

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Schaeffer 2

Francis Schaeffer — Honest answers to honest questions…

He has been called a scholar, a philosopher, a theologian.  A TIME Magazine article called him a “missionary to intellectuals.”  But Francis Schaeffer described himself as a pastor and an evangelist. 


Theologian John Stackhouse describes Schaeffer’s

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Ken Myers-All God's Children

A primer: Christians and popular culture…

Someone has pointed out that if we didn’t have popular culture we wouldn’t have any culture at all.  Theologian Dr. Robert Banks would probably agree:  “Popular culture has become the environment in which we live, move, and have

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Jonanthan Morrow

The Humanitas Forum — Contending for the Faith in an Age of Unbelief

It is one of the more unfortunate facts of recent Church history:  The Church has largely abandoned the apologetic task of defending and commending the faith.  With the increasing prominence of non-Christian religions and the increasingly secular nature of

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The state of Christian apologetics — from hard times to hopeful signs…

It was virtually impossible to not believe in God some five hundred years ago.  But today, many find giving up belief not only easy but even inescapable.  This famous assessment of the dramatic shift in Western society by

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C. S. Lewis-2

C. S. Lewis on the arts, aesthetics, and Christianity…

C. S. Lewis was one of the most effective Christian evangelists of the 20th Century, even when we include preachers like Billy Graham.  Without question, he was the most effective evangelist who used literature as the medium for

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C. S. Lewis

What we can learn from C. S. Lewis about doing apologetics…

In a recent article for Christianity Today, Dr. Michael Ward explains how the combination of reason and imagination makes C. S. Lewis such an effective apologist in our post-Christian era.  It is this combination that enables Lewis to

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Mars Hill Audio--Vol 118

A primer: Cultural apologetics…

Living in a post-Christian culture comes with a host of challenges, many of which are not easily noticed.  This is our native habitat.  It’s what we’re used to.  But the “taken-for-granteds” of contemporary culture may not be

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An old Marxist scolds the New Atheists…

The quality of Western atheism has gone steadily downhill over the past century, according to one theologian.  A number of scientists, philosophers, and university professors—all prominent atheists themselves—are in agreement.  They also agree that this downward slide is

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Craig--Wm Lane

Presenting a reasonable faith in an age of unreason…

It is an unlikely story in an unlikely publication.


The story is unlikely since it’s about a Christian philosopher.  Except in a small subset of evangelicalism, Christian philosophers are rare indeed!  And among secular philosophers, the idea

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