Fool's Talk--2

Evangelizing the apathetic…

Our pluralistic, post-Christian age is “quite simply the greatest opportunity for Christian witness since the time of Jesus and the apostles.”  Yet, Christians have failed to face up to many of the realities of our secular age—especially that our

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Coddling--American Mind--2

The coddling of the collegiate mind…

“What culture has ever attempted to see to it that no ego is hurt?” was written in 1966 by the sociologist Philip Rieff. 


But it is a line fitting for “The Coddling of the American Mind,” recently published

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Tim Keller-3

Preparing for the big issues facing the church…

From the vantage point of pastoring in Manhattan for some twenty five years, Tim Keller has a distinctive perspective on bringing the Gospel to a diverse secular culture.  He has written about this challenge in several places, most extensively

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Staying Christian in College-2

Staying Christian in college…

J. Budziszewski has a passion for helping young people maintain a vibrant faith in college.  He knows their challenges first-hand.  As a student, he himself walked away from the Christian faith of his childhood.  Having returned to

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Making babies to order, selling ‘extras’ on the black market…

Outsourcing pregnancy, baby factories, wombs-for-rent, baby farms, and breeders are some of the terms used in discussing the international market for surrogacy—none of which are very flattering.  But HBO Watch editor Jef Dinsmore goes a step farther in describing

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Glittering Vices--DeYoung

Shaping and misshaping the human soul…

Most contemporary Christian writing on spiritual growth and development ignores centuries of teaching on the virtues and vices.  This unfortunate development misses many rich resources for spiritual formation.  It puts us at risk of “misunderstanding both our past

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C. S. Lewis-2

“God is easy to please, but hard to satisfy.”

While the conversion of C. S. Lewis has been the subject of numerous essays, chapters and entire books, his personal spiritual development has, unfortunately, received scant attention.  Even so, we need not wait on some scholar to assemble a

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Slippery Slope

Doctors helping people, even healthy people and children, to die…

Physician-assisted suicide is currently legal in five states:  Oregon (1997), Washington (2009), Montana (2009), Vermont (2013) and New Mexico (2014).  And California is set to become number six, depending on whether Gov. Jerry Brown gives a signature or

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Eclipse of Heaven - A J Conyers

Why heaven may be full of laughter…

It makes sense!  Humor is a natural character quality that results from what the apostle Paul describes as the fruit of the Spirit:  love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.  Real humor requires perspective,

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Mere Christianity 2

The vice of which no one in the world is free…

In the fourth section of Mere Christianity, “Christian Behavior,” C. S. Lewis comes to what he calls “the great sin.”  It is the sin which stands in polar opposition to the virtue of humility.  Pride or self-conceit,

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