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Flannery O'Connor

Sentimental Christians, a brood of wingless chickens…

What is the chief end of God?  The “chief end of God is to glorify us and to be useful to us indefinitely.”  This inversion of the opening line of the Westminster Confession is theologian Leander Keck’s way …

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Ken Myers-4

When Christians practice a cultureless faith…

There’s a fairly common complaint among Christians that their faith has been pushed out of public life.  And there’s considerable truth to this claim.  But what often goes unnoticed or unacknowledged is the fact that Christians have abandoned

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Craig--Wm Lane

Presenting a reasonable faith in an age of unreason…

It is an unlikely story in an unlikely publication.


The story is unlikely since it’s about a Christian philosopher.  Except in a small subset of evangelicalism, Christian philosophers are rare indeed!  And among secular philosophers, the idea

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Sherry Turkle

Starting a conversation about where technology is taking us…

Sometimes people need to change their minds, especially when spurred by additional information, insight and wisdom.  But change requires courage when it requires modifying a public stance.


In April 1996 Sherry Turkle was featured on the cover of Wired

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The Christian mind … a reminder and a caution!

In the postscript to The Christian Mind, Harry Blamires suggests a proper view of the relationship of the devotional life to the Christian mind.

[W]ill the Christians of the next fifty years, over against a strengthened secularism, deepen and

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The Christian mind…

“There is no longer a Christian mind.”

We speak of ‘the modern mind’ and of ‘the scientific mind,’ using the word mind of a collectively accepted set of notions and attitudes. … [I]n contradistinction to the secular mind, no vital

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