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Nonjudgmentalism—a morality without legs…


The primary spiritual illness afflicting the culture is the loss of an active belief in absolute truth that transcends the immanent realm or present temporal world. Transcendence, as it will be used here, refers to belief in absolute truth

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Taming the fat, relentless ego…

“In the moral life the enemy is the fat relentless ego.”  By this, Iris Murdock means that self-absorption is a high risk condition—its all-consuming nature makes it the enemy of virtue.


Self-absorption taints our perception of goodness so

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Revenge-J. Bud

The danger in denying what we can’t not know…

“Things are getting worse very quickly now. The list of what we are required to approve is growing ever longer. … So why do things get worse so fast? It would be well to know, in case the process can

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John R. W. Stott

Why don’t Evangelical churches teach ethics?

Privately engaging but socially irrelevant!


This is how one evangelical leader described (in 1983) the spiritual life of the evangelical and conservative wing of Christianity.  The faith of these Christians has had no significant impact on the broader

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