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Ken Myers-All God's Children

A primer: Christians and popular culture…

Someone has pointed out that if we didn’t have popular culture we wouldn’t have any culture at all.  Theologian Dr. Robert Banks would probably agree:  “Popular culture has become the environment in which we live, move, and have

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Paradox of Choice

Learning to read culture – the paradox of choice…

Why can’t you buy a cell phone that doesn’t do too much?  Why are there 175 salad dressings on the shelf at the supermarket?  Why are 120 retirement plans offered in the workplace?  And 50 styles of

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Stop Phubbing

Stop Phubbing! The war against anti-social phone use…

Phubbing is phone-snubbing.  It happens when someone pays attention to their mobile phone instead of the people in their immediate presence.  Many of us are guilty!  We’re also guilty of excusing our companions when they reach for

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Meaning of Sex - J Bud

After the sexual revolution — brokenness, boredom, hedonism, nihilism…

The debris of the sixties sexual revolution continues to wash up onto our cultural shores.  Hooking up.  Pornography.  Anorexia.  Bulimia.  Abortion.  Cutting.  STDs.  We all see the devastation. 


But some

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How to buy a $45,000 Smart LED TV from…

James Otis Thach really wanted his own Samsung UN85S9 with its 85” screen—even though the price was a tad steep.  Fortunately, Amazon was ready to help.  They began with a $5,002.00 discount!  Then, they threw in free

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Gratitude – Is it possible for modern people to be grateful?

No, not impossible, but it may be rather difficult!  Some eighty years ago, the Spanish philosopher Jose Ortega y Gasset pointed out that we moderns exhibit a “radical ingratitude” toward all that has “made possible the ease of our

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Mars Hill Audio--Vol 118

A primer: Cultural apologetics…

Living in a post-Christian culture comes with a host of challenges, many of which are not easily noticed.  This is our native habitat.  It’s what we’re used to.  But the “taken-for-granteds” of contemporary culture may not be

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Vaclav Havel

“Living in Truth” — the passion of a secular prophet…

Prophets often come in strange guises and from unexpected places.  Although their message may point to the spiritual nature of the universe, they themselves may not be religious.


Václav Havel was such a prophet.  He began his

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PowerPoint Ban Logo

Against PowerPoint—the need for deeper clarity of thinking…

Raising questions about technology can get you in trouble.  In a culture where smart phones are frequently consulted before getting out of bed in the morning, all sorts of technologies are simply taken for granted.  Raising questions about

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Free People's Suicide

Sustainable freedom and the American future…

“Mr. Franklin, what have you wrought?”  “A republic, Madam—if you can keep it.”  Benjamin Franklin gave this reply to a woman who asked what kind of government had been formed by the Constitutional Convention, just concluded in 1787.

Freedom had …

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