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J. Budziszewski

Evangelizing Christians…

There are many “Christians” who have never met Christ.  They grow up in the church.  Their parents are good members and may be leaders in the congregation.   Dad may be a pastor, or the parents may even

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Mark Driscoll

Mark Driscoll, integrity, and the sound of silence…

Seattle pastor Mark Driscoll continues to undermine his once-recognized opportunity to be reckoned among leading Evangelical pastors.  This latest incident comes with revelations that Driscoll, and leaders at his Mars Hill church in Seattle, devised a scheme that enabled

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Seven lies Christians tell…

“How do we Christians lie … How do we lie when evangelizing?”  These are questions that Tony Kriz has put to over twenty groups of churchgoers.  Interestingly, the response is never bafflement or defensiveness.  No one ever

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J. Budziszewski

Evangelizing neo-pagans

The Church has never before had the task of evangelizing neo-pagans.  The new pagans are very different from their earlier counterparts, the ones faced by the early Christians.  Evangelization “this time will not be the same” … “nothing

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Schaeffer 2

Francis Schaeffer — Honest answers to honest questions…

He has been called a scholar, a philosopher, a theologian.  A TIME Magazine article called him a “missionary to intellectuals.”  But Francis Schaeffer described himself as a pastor and an evangelist. 


Theologian John Stackhouse describes Schaeffer’s

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C. S. Lewis-2

C. S. Lewis on the arts, aesthetics, and Christianity…

C. S. Lewis was one of the most effective Christian evangelists of the 20th Century, even when we include preachers like Billy Graham.  Without question, he was the most effective evangelist who used literature as the medium for

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Center-Global Christianity-2

Why are we Christians unknown to so many of our non-Christian neighbors?

In the United States, 80 percent of the population self-identifies as Christian.  Yet, an astounding 20 percent of non-Christians in North America do not “personally know” any Christians at all, according to new research published by the Center the

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The Atlantic

Listening to young atheists…

“What led you to become an atheist?”


Members of the Secular Student Alliances and Freethought Societies were asked this question in a survey conducted recently at a varied group of schools—Stanford University, the University of Alabama-Birmingham, Northwestern University, Portland

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James Hunter

Understanding the full scope of the Great Commission…

Only a fraction of the Church’s potential is being utilized for the task of bearing witness “to the love, grace, mercy, and truth of Christ.”  By analogy, today’s Church is like the basketball team that leaves its center and

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Converting the Empire

Should first-time visitors feel out of place in a Christian church?

Pre-Christian.  Christian.   Post-Christian.  Roughly speaking, these categories outline the major changes in the history of the Western world.  We say “roughly speaking” because the West never became fully Christian.  And even now, it is not

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