How peppers and summer squash can teach morality…

One of the “joys of dirt” is that many important moral lessons can be learned from gardening.  Gardening can serve as a “kind of moral kindergarten,” according to philosophy teacher Rachel Lu.


Although, she “came late to the world

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Staying Christian in college, some sage advice…

College can be a hazardous place for the faith of young Christians.  There are numerous resources that provide wise counsel to the entering freshman.  Here are two of the better ones:  How to Stay Christian in College

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Cool-shaming – how people become our idols of choice…

Shame is a powerful motivator—one of the most powerful!  It hurts to feel inadequate, to feel stupid, to be counted among the uncool.


Most people are willing to pay a significant price—sometimes an enormous price—to avoid being an

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Reclaiming the honor of working with our hands…

When a philosopher no longer wants to be a philosopher, he may have several career options.  But motorcycle mechanic is not one that comes readily to mind.


Nonetheless, that is the path taken by Matthew Crawford, who holds

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Listening to food – what it tells us about who we are…

Eating is about more than taking on fuel.  Whether we realize or not, eating is a window into our most basic beliefs about ourselves and the world in which we live.


“Human beings don’t just eat to live,”

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Profiling a church that mostly attracts the under-thirty crowd…

It goes against the grain of church marketing.  There is no praise band and no PowerPoint for either the sermon or the music.  The sermons are long, really long!  But the typical Sunday congregation is mostly young

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Keeping young people in church takes more than technology and a swank coffee bar!

Since its release in May of this year, reviewers have been giving high praise to Got Religion?: How Churches, Mosques, and Synagogues Can Bring Young People Back. 


A broad range of experts insist that Got Religion?

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Why is there so much good in our fallen world?

The answer to this question can be found in the doctrine of common grace.  


Writing during the early years of World War II, Scottish theologian John Murray penned a very helpful exposition of this doctrine, which he introduced

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Sustaining Christian witness in an increasingly pagan culture…


Things seem to be speeding up!  Challenges to the Christian faith are becoming increasingly common in many different segments of our culture—from healthcare to business to education to campus ministry.  Unfortunately, most Christians are not prepared to

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Religious freedom may be lost — but not by my hand!

Few people are as passionate about religious freedom as Os Guinness.  He and his family were among the victims of the Chinese revolution led by Mao Tse Tung.  The son of medical missionaries, Guinness lost two brothers during

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