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Christian theology in a posthuman culture…

What has Christian theology to do with posthuman culture?


Much—or it should!  Over a half-century ago C. S. Lewis warned that the last step in man’s conquest of nature would mean the conquest of human nature itself. 

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Human to Posthuman

From Providence to progress to process…

Every day we live with the consequences of deep cultural change that began hundreds of years ago.  The arrival of the postmodern era signals a profound change in the way the world is understood—and in the way people expect

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Magicians Twin

Is science a religion?

The place of science in modern life is secure.  It has brought us the electric light bulb, the polio vaccine, space travel, strawberries in January, heart stents, homes with year-round climate control, and modes of travel that would defy

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Reality. What a letdown...

Reality. What a letdown…

What does technology want?  It wants to give us choices, to give us lots of opportunities, proclaims Kevin Kelly, co-founder of Wired magazine.  Once described as the “happy evangelist from Geekdom,” Kelly argues that technology enables us to

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Nonjudgmentalism—a morality without legs…


The primary spiritual illness afflicting the culture is the loss of an active belief in absolute truth that transcends the immanent realm or present temporal world. Transcendence, as it will be used here, refers to belief in absolute truth

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