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Bonhoeffer-Youth Ministry

The future of the church isn’t youth…

It’s not what you’d expect from a youth minister:  “Youth enjoys no special privilege in the church-community.”  This line was penned in the late 1930s by the Lutheran pastor Dietrich Bonhoeffer who spent most of his pastoral career

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Flannery O'Connor

Sentimental Christians, a brood of wingless chickens…

What is the chief end of God?  The “chief end of God is to glorify us and to be useful to us indefinitely.”  This inversion of the opening line of the Westminster Confession is theologian Leander Keck’s way …

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Book of Common Prayer-Jacobs

Living words in the mouths of those who have a living faith…

Birthed in an age of political intrigue and religious reformation, the Book of Common Prayer has had a long and influential as well as complicated life.  Even after almost 500 years, its influence on Christian worship is “a big

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The ‘circulation of the saints’ and the search for meaning…

When churches grow, where do these new members come from?  And why have they chosen this particular church?  These questions have bedeviled church leaders, especially those in megachurches, for decades.  The search for answers has provided employment

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Tim Keller-2

What makes a good preacher?

Sound, expository preaching is not a “magic bullet.”  It is a necessary but not sufficient requirement for being a good minister of the Gospel.  This is the argument made by Manhattan (New York) pastor Tim Keller.  While

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Tim Keller-3

Waking up sleepy Christians, converting nominal Christians…

In the early 1800s, Søren Kierkegaard wrote that “sleepy passions” are unworthy of “beings made in the image of God.”  His complaint against his age was not that it was wicked.  Rather, “my complaint is that it is

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Learning to read in cyberspace…

Some of the most important questions never get asked!  Certain things seem so obvious that we never think to inquire into their nature.  Reading is one of those things.  It’s taken for granted that reading is for

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Learning to be contented with the grace of God…

“To need God is a human being’s highest perfection.”  Describing this proposition as an “upbuilding thought,” Søren Kierkegaard presented it to his Danish readers as a way of introducing them to the essence of Christianity.  And Paul’s second …

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John Coe

Living and Learning in the Dark Night of the Soul…

Where is God?  Why does God let such things happen?  Why is he silent?  Anguish, desolation and despondency are frequently the lot of those who have raised such questions down through the ages.  Often, the asker

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Returning to blogging…

My apologies!  I’m back to blogging after a long hiatus—seven weeks to be exact.  This was unplanned, and I should have kept everyone apprised of my schedule.  Again, please accept my apology


The busyness of life

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