To blog or not to blog—that’s not the question!


“How often to blog?”  Now, that’s the question.


Since beginning The Humanitas Forum blog in early July, I’ve kept a good pace, usually posting five time a week.   That is, until the last couple weeks.  With other pressing responsibilities, it’s time for a bit of fine tuning.  In order to make life more manageable, I’ll be doing only three posts per week for the foreseeable future—on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  If I find a significant quote or two, or a bit of important news, I’ll include that on Tuesdays and Thursdays.


You are busy, too!  So, it’s difficult to keep up with a large number of posts—something I’ve learned from several readers and subscribers.  Other bloggers are also learning that daily posts can be a bit much.  The Christian blogger, Michael Hyatt, did a simple, informal survey of his readers, asking about frequency.  He found that 81% of his readers preferred three times per week or less.  For that reason, he now has three main posts per week—a major change for someone known for recommending a post a day.


I’ll continue working to improve the blog.  And I’ll be learning the social media side of blogging, Twitter and Facebook—something of a challenge for those of us who are “technologically delayed.”  A couple friends have volunteered to help me with this task, which I’m assured will expand the reach of the blog.


Thanks for reading the Humanitas Forum blog!  If you have a suggestion or question, please let me know by using the “Contact” link above.



Michael Poore

The Humanitas Forum on Christianity and Culture

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One Response to “To blog or not to blog—that’s not the question!”

  1. Just wanted to say I appreciate the blog. Keep up the good work (at whatever pace :D).