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Book of Common Prayer-Jacobs

Living words in the mouths of those who have a living faith…

Birthed in an age of political intrigue and religious reformation, the Book of Common Prayer has had a long and influential as well as complicated life.  Even after almost 500 years, its influence on Christian worship is “a big

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Discipleship-Present Tense

The call to holy worldliness…

Revisiting the story of the Reformation is a task that all of us should set ourselves to from time to time.  It’s a complex story that is something of a culmination of ongoing efforts at reform—reform envisioned by leaders

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Nominal Xians

Avoiding the ‘great scandal of Christendom’ — nominal Christianity…

What to do about nominal Christians?  How to reach nominal believers before they leave the church?


This is the question Christianity Today recently put to three astute observers of the contemporary church—Drew Dyck, Kenda Creasy Dean, and Eddie

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Mark Driscoll

Mark Driscoll, integrity, and the sound of silence…

Seattle pastor Mark Driscoll continues to undermine his once-recognized opportunity to be reckoned among leading Evangelical pastors.  This latest incident comes with revelations that Driscoll, and leaders at his Mars Hill church in Seattle, devised a scheme that enabled

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Ken Myers-All God's Children

A primer: Christians and popular culture…

Someone has pointed out that if we didn’t have popular culture we wouldn’t have any culture at all.  Theologian Dr. Robert Banks would probably agree:  “Popular culture has become the environment in which we live, move, and have

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The ‘circulation of the saints’ and the search for meaning…

When churches grow, where do these new members come from?  And why have they chosen this particular church?  These questions have bedeviled church leaders, especially those in megachurches, for decades.  The search for answers has provided employment

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Juvenilization 2

The juvenilization of American Christianity…

Belief in God is declining.  Belief among US adults is down from 82% to 74% when compared to previous years, according to a December 2013 Harris poll.  Compared to 2005, belief in miracles is down from 79% to

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Tim Keller-2

What makes a good preacher?

Sound, expository preaching is not a “magic bullet.”  It is a necessary but not sufficient requirement for being a good minister of the Gospel.  This is the argument made by Manhattan (New York) pastor Tim Keller.  While

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The Humanitas Forum – Keith Getty

Please remember that Irish hymn-writer Keith Getty will be speaking this coming Friday, November 15, in The Humanitas Forum.  You may register by going here — all additional details are below.


In Christ Alone:

Hymns for the Christian Life

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Tim Keller-3

Waking up sleepy Christians, converting nominal Christians…

In the early 1800s, Søren Kierkegaard wrote that “sleepy passions” are unworthy of “beings made in the image of God.”  His complaint against his age was not that it was wicked.  Rather, “my complaint is that it is

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