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Jesus Christ--Life of the Mind

Jesus Christ and the life of the mind…

The Scandal of the Evangelical Mind is undoubtedly one of the most significant assessments of modern evangelicalism to date.  Historian Mark Noll summed up his appraisal in the very first sentence:  “The scandal of the evangelical mind is

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Your Mind Matters--Stott

Responding to a legacy of Christian anti-intellectualism…

Your Mind Matters is a small book written by John R. W. Stott in reaction to the problem of Christian anti-intellectualism.  Stott asks, “Why should Christians use their minds?”


The absence of thinking Christians and Christian thinking (on

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Flannery O'Connor

Sentimental Christians, a brood of wingless chickens…

What is the chief end of God?  The “chief end of God is to glorify us and to be useful to us indefinitely.”  This inversion of the opening line of the Westminster Confession is theologian Leander Keck’s way …

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Peter Leithart--2

The Christian temptation to frustration…

Living out of sync with the ways of our secular age can be vexing!  In one sense, frustration is understandable since cultural momentum favors the secular bent of society.  But frustration can lead to an ineffective and dangerous

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Book of Common Prayer-Jacobs

Living words in the mouths of those who have a living faith…

Birthed in an age of political intrigue and religious reformation, the Book of Common Prayer has had a long and influential as well as complicated life.  Even after almost 500 years, its influence on Christian worship is “a big

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Nominal Xians

Avoiding the ‘great scandal of Christendom’ — nominal Christianity…

What to do about nominal Christians?  How to reach nominal believers before they leave the church?


This is the question Christianity Today recently put to three astute observers of the contemporary church—Drew Dyck, Kenda Creasy Dean, and Eddie

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Man's Search for Meaning

Is happiness necessary for a good life?

Happiness. Feeling good. No stress. No worries.  These are ways that many Americans describe the good life.  But in an article entitled “Against Happiness,” philosopher Carl Elliott doubts the “wisdom of making psychological well-being the sole measure of

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Seven lies Christians tell…

“How do we Christians lie … How do we lie when evangelizing?”  These are questions that Tony Kriz has put to over twenty groups of churchgoers.  Interestingly, the response is never bafflement or defensiveness.  No one ever

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Scott Harrower

How God matters to your work…

The Trinity changes everything!  If this claim is so, how then are the implications worked out in the various realms of life?  How do we get beyond the discussions of the Trinity that we find in standard volumes

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David Naugle

A primer: Your work matters to God…

Are ordinary believers “second-class citizens” in the Kingdom of God?  Many of us feel that way today—many others have faced the same dilemma down through the centuries.  It’s the pastors, campus ministers, and missionaries who are called into

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