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Postmodern Condition

How were Adam and Eve like the postmodernists?

Postmodernism is defined as “incredulity toward metanarratives”—big stories can’t be trusted and must be regarded with suspicion.  Comprehensive explanations of the flow of history and of how things work are regarded with skepticism.  Thus, postmodern thought cuts against

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The Atlantic

Listening to young atheists…

“What led you to become an atheist?”


Members of the Secular Student Alliances and Freethought Societies were asked this question in a survey conducted recently at a varied group of schools—Stanford University, the University of Alabama-Birmingham, Northwestern University, Portland

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Schaeffer 2

Even when the church is a little bit of what it should be, young people will come…

“I don’t think we have to worry about youth.  What we have to worry about is the church.”


When these word were penned in 1970, the “sixties counterculture” was in full bloom.  LSD trips, free love, anti-Vietnam

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Converting the Empire

Should first-time visitors feel out of place in a Christian church?

Pre-Christian.  Christian.   Post-Christian.  Roughly speaking, these categories outline the major changes in the history of the Western world.  We say “roughly speaking” because the West never became fully Christian.  And even now, it is not

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C. S. Lewis

Stealing past those watchful dragons…


The answer was “no.”  C. S. Lewis could not write “directly theological pieces” for Christianity Today.  His days of writing straightforward apologetics were over, as he explained in response to a request from editor Carl F.

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Mark Coppenger

Christian apologetics in an age of relativism…

Only a few decades ago, Christian apologists argued chiefly with atheists and agnostics.  These folks denied the truth of theism or Christianity.  They said Christians just didn’t have the wherewithal to make confident claims about the truth of

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Escape from nihilism…

There is no difference between good and evil—this is just something made up by human beings.  In any case, we’re not responsible for what we do since everything we do is the result of prior causes.


Can a

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