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To blog or not to blog—that’s not the question!

“How often to blog?”  Now, that’s the question.


Since beginning The Humanitas Forum blog in early July, I’ve kept a good pace, usually posting five time a week.   That is, until the last couple weeks.  With

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Hiding behind the screen…

The Internet is an integral part of life for most of us.  We send e-mail, we text, we surf, we Skype, we watch YouTube, we buy and we sell.  But do we understand how this computer-mediated world impacts

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Desiring a more fully embodied human existence in a digital culture…

Which is better, the hearty laugh of a friend over a cup of chai, or the “LOL” in a text from the same friend?  There is a difference!  


“Laughing-out-loud” could just be a distracted throw-away line. 

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Why the Internet is not "just" another delivery system…

The research is starting to come in!  And even the most ardent supporters of the Internet are having to rethink their enthusiasm for the world of “always connected.”


Since the arrival of the Internet, there have been questions

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Sherry Turkle

Starting a conversation about where technology is taking us…

Sometimes people need to change their minds, especially when spurred by additional information, insight and wisdom.  But change requires courage when it requires modifying a public stance.


In April 1996 Sherry Turkle was featured on the cover of Wired

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Pico Iyer

Secular lessons on sabbath in a digital age…

Pico Iyer travels the world.  His travel books include reflections on such exotic places as Kathmandu and Asunción.  His novels have been translated into Turkish, Russian, and Indonesian.  Yet, he’s not what you might expect.  He’s

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Aimee Byrd

The Housewife Theologian takes on digital culture…

I don’t think, I skim!


“The internet is certainly changing the way that we get information.  Is it changing the way we think?”


Aimee Byrd is a mother of three and a good example of what all

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Teaching our children to be alone…

‘All man’s miseries derive from not being able to sit in a quiet room alone.’  ~  Blaise Pascal

Several comments in the article quoted in the previous post remind of Pascal’s famous quote about the miseries of not being …

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I share, therefore I am…

Texting, e-mail and posting promote a “flight from conversation.”

“We’re always communicating,” yet “we’ve sacrificed conversation for mere connection.”

These observations come from Sherry Turkle, a psychologist and M.I.T professor, who has spent the past 15 years studying the technologies …

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