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Chris Kiesling

Why Young Adults Are Leaving the Church…

Young adults are leaving the church in droves! The past one hundred years in North America have brought dramatic changes to how young people approach becoming an adult. Today, on many measures, this stage of life represents the least religious

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Spiritual Formation-Young Adults

Christian spiritual formation that cuts against the grain…

Soul Searching has been described as an “illuminating and disturbing exposé of the faith of American youth.”  But, more significantly, for those of us committed to the teachings and practices of orthodox Christianity, Soul Searching is good sociology in

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Timothy Dalrymple

Staying Christian in college, some sage advice…

College can be a hazardous place for the faith of young Christians.  There are numerous resources that provide wise counsel to the entering freshman.  Here are two of the better ones:  How to Stay Christian in College

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N. D. Wilson

Cool-shaming – how people become our idols of choice…

Shame is a powerful motivator—one of the most powerful!  It hurts to feel inadequate, to feel stupid, to be counted among the uncool.


Most people are willing to pay a significant price—sometimes an enormous price—to avoid being an

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Love the Lord with all your mind…

The Christian Mind is on all accounts a classic.  Its call to serious Christian thinking left a lasting impact on the careers of a broad range of Christian leaders, such as Mark Noll (historian), James Sire (apologist), John Piper

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Jesus Christ--Life of the Mind

Jesus Christ and the life of the mind…

The Scandal of the Evangelical Mind is undoubtedly one of the most significant assessments of modern evangelicalism to date.  Historian Mark Noll summed up his appraisal in the very first sentence:  “The scandal of the evangelical mind is

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Your Mind Matters--Stott

Responding to a legacy of Christian anti-intellectualism…

Your Mind Matters is a small book written by John R. W. Stott in reaction to the problem of Christian anti-intellectualism.  Stott asks, “Why should Christians use their minds?”


The absence of thinking Christians and Christian thinking (on

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James Schall

Why silencing Christians will continue…

As moral and social disorders increase, the number of things to “never discuss in polite company” multiplies.  Some of the limitations come from legislation, the so-called hate speech laws.  But many, if not most, of the constraints on

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Book of Common Prayer-Jacobs

Living words in the mouths of those who have a living faith…

Birthed in an age of political intrigue and religious reformation, the Book of Common Prayer has had a long and influential as well as complicated life.  Even after almost 500 years, its influence on Christian worship is “a big

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Nominal Xians

Avoiding the ‘great scandal of Christendom’ — nominal Christianity…

What to do about nominal Christians?  How to reach nominal believers before they leave the church?


This is the question Christianity Today recently put to three astute observers of the contemporary church—Drew Dyck, Kenda Creasy Dean, and Eddie

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