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The ‘circulation of the saints’ and the search for meaning…

When churches grow, where do these new members come from?  And why have they chosen this particular church?  These questions have bedeviled church leaders, especially those in megachurches, for decades.  The search for answers has provided employment

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Ken Myers-4

When Christians practice a cultureless faith…

There’s a fairly common complaint among Christians that their faith has been pushed out of public life.  And there’s considerable truth to this claim.  But what often goes unnoticed or unacknowledged is the fact that Christians have abandoned

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Mars Hill Audio--Vol 118

A primer: Cultural apologetics…

Living in a post-Christian culture comes with a host of challenges, many of which are not easily noticed.  This is our native habitat.  It’s what we’re used to.  But the “taken-for-granteds” of contemporary culture may not be

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Waking up sleepy Christians, converting nominal Christians…

In the early 1800s, Søren Kierkegaard wrote that “sleepy passions” are unworthy of “beings made in the image of God.”  His complaint against his age was not that it was wicked.  Rather, “my complaint is that it is

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T. M. Moore

You are what you love…

An important development in Evangelical circles in recent years has been the emphasis on worldview thinking.  A number of organizations have sprung up to provide worldview education for both young people and adults.  Large segments of this movement

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James Hunter

Understanding the full scope of the Great Commission…

Only a fraction of the Church’s potential is being utilized for the task of bearing witness “to the love, grace, mercy, and truth of Christ.”  By analogy, today’s Church is like the basketball team that leaves its center and

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Holiness is the sum of a million little things…

In our age of “awesome” and “cool,” some words get distorted while others get ignored.  “Awesome” is an overused adjective that has become meaningless because it’s used to describe everything.  Holiness, though, is one of those words that gets

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C. S. Lewis

There are no ordinary people…

[T]he cross comes before the crown and tomorrow is a Monday morning. A cleft has opened in the pitiless walls of the world, and we are invited to follow our great Captain inside. The following Him is, of course, the

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Why does God become insignificant?

Why are there so many who can assent to the essentials of the Christian faith and yet live as if they had never heard the gospel?  Undoubtedly there are many reasons.  But this much can be said with

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C. S. Lewis

The danger of refusing the risks of love…

Of all arguments against love none makes so strong an appeal to my nature as “Careful! This might lead you to suffering”.


To my nature, my temperament, yes. Not to my conscience. When I respond to that appeal I

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