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Pew Research Center

Christianity in America is not dead, but …

It is predictable!  When the Pew Research Center releases a new poll on religion in America, gallons of virtual ink are spilled attempting to interpret the new data.  The assessments and the headlines vary considerably, sometimes wildly. 

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Pew Research Center

The fastest growing religion in the world is …

Pure and simple, the future is the great unknown.  But the Pew Research Center’s “The Future of World Religions” should be taken seriously—given the massive amount of research that went into the report.  In sum, religion is not

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Ed Stetzer

Living on the losing side of the culture wars…

The challenge of living in a post-Christian culture is becoming more and more obvious to more and more evangelicals.  The trends show movement away from positions critical to evangelical faith and practice. Evangelicals “must face the reality that we

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Triumph of Christianity

Early Christianity provided “islands of mercy,” not promises of “pie in the sky”…

“Misery and Mercy” is the title of the chapter where Rodney Stark confronts the accusation by atheists that Christianity caters to the weak and suffering by promising “pie in the sky.”  Yes, he says, it is most often the

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Schaeffer 2

The virtue of listening—because there are no little people…

Hearing is one of our natural senses, but listening is more.  Listening requires focus and attention.  In fact, good listening is just another way of talking.  It speaks clearly—it says, you’re important.  What you have to

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Truth to Tell-Newbigin

The Gospel as public truth—it must govern every facet of human life…

The Gospel becomes something other than the Gospel if it is relegated to the private realm.  Compartmentalized, privatized faith was not what the early Proclaimers of the Good News had in mind. Declaring what they had “seen and heard,”

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Spiritual Formation-Young Adults

Christian spiritual formation that cuts against the grain…

Soul Searching has been described as an “illuminating and disturbing exposé of the faith of American youth.”  But, more significantly, for those of us committed to the teachings and practices of orthodox Christianity, Soul Searching is good sociology in

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N. D. Wilson

Cool-shaming – how people become our idols of choice…

Shame is a powerful motivator—one of the most powerful!  It hurts to feel inadequate, to feel stupid, to be counted among the uncool.


Most people are willing to pay a significant price—sometimes an enormous price—to avoid being an

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Capitol Hill Baptist

Profiling a church that mostly attracts the under-thirty crowd…

It goes against the grain of church marketing.  There is no praise band and no PowerPoint for either the sermon or the music.  The sermons are long, really long!  But the typical Sunday congregation is mostly young

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Got Religion - 2

Keeping young people in church takes more than technology and a swank coffee bar!

Since its release in May of this year, reviewers have been giving high praise to Got Religion?: How Churches, Mosques, and Synagogues Can Bring Young People Back. 


A broad range of experts insist that Got Religion?

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