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Truth to Tell-Newbigin

The Gospel as public truth—it must govern every facet of human life…

The Gospel becomes something other than the Gospel if it is relegated to the private realm.  Compartmentalized, privatized faith was not what the early Proclaimers of the Good News had in mind. Declaring what they had “seen and heard,”

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Remembering the Christian Past

Bearing witness to the one true God in a secular age…

The secular assault on the Christianity is, in essence, a project of banishing Christian practice to the private lives of believers.  You can keep your Christianity if you reduce it to ideas, feelings, and experiences.

But the ferocity of

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Chris Kiesling

Why Young Adults Are Leaving the Church…

Young adults are leaving the church in droves! The past one hundred years in North America have brought dramatic changes to how young people approach becoming an adult. Today, on many measures, this stage of life represents the least religious

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Spiritual Formation-Young Adults

Christian spiritual formation that cuts against the grain…

Soul Searching has been described as an “illuminating and disturbing exposé of the faith of American youth.”  But, more significantly, for those of us committed to the teachings and practices of orthodox Christianity, Soul Searching is good sociology in

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Confessing pastoral malpractice…

The problem of malpractice is not unique to pastors!  And it’s not unique to the current generation of Christians.  One form of malpractice that was common in the early Church was also at the heart of the reformation

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Bonhoeffer-Youth Ministry

The future of the church isn’t youth…

It’s not what you’d expect from a youth minister:  “Youth enjoys no special privilege in the church-community.”  This line was penned in the late 1930s by the Lutheran pastor Dietrich Bonhoeffer who spent most of his pastoral career

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Justin Barnard

Virtues, Vices, and Devices in Family Life

Two revolutions have radically altered the way families think about the meaning of the “home.”  The technological revolution currently extends and broadens the impact of the industrial revolution.  As a result, prevailing family practices create tension with a

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Timothy Dalrymple

Staying Christian in college, some sage advice…

College can be a hazardous place for the faith of young Christians.  There are numerous resources that provide wise counsel to the entering freshman.  Here are two of the better ones:  How to Stay Christian in College

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Kicking Evangelicals off university campuses…

Requiring campus student leaders to be converts to Christianity can get a ministry kicked off campus at some schools.  Sadly, an increasing number of universities and colleges are requiring Evangelical campus groups to open their leadership roles to all

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Love the Lord with all your mind…

The Christian Mind is on all accounts a classic.  Its call to serious Christian thinking left a lasting impact on the careers of a broad range of Christian leaders, such as Mark Noll (historian), James Sire (apologist), John Piper

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