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Andi Ashworth

Cultivating creativity in children…

As with many things, G. K. Chesterton got it right on raising young children.  They require being “taught not so much anything as everything.”  Instead of specializing—instead of being taught what Chesterton called a “trade”—they need “to be

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Justin Barnard

Virtues, Vices, and Devices in Family Life

Two revolutions have radically altered the way families think about the meaning of the “home.”  The technological revolution currently extends and broadens the impact of the industrial revolution.  As a result, prevailing family practices create tension with a

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Hobby Lobby

What Hobby Lobby means, present and future…

Religious liberty is the first freedom.  It is the foundational human right that undergirds all the other rights that are necessary for us to enjoy rich and full lives.


Last Monday’s Supreme Court decision, Burwell v. Hobby Lobby

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Lyre of Orpheus

Can Christian music be real rock ’n roll?

“Your mama don’t dance, And your daddy don’t rock and roll,” a line from the 1972 hit by Kenny Loggins and Jim Messina, offers insight into generational tensions at a critical time in American culture.  The rock ’n roll

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Beyond the extremes of blessing or bashing popular culture…

In popular culture we live and move and have our being.  This observation by theologian Robert Banks is hard to argue with since American society has very little of what has historically been called high culture.  In agreement,

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Let Children Fail

Why it’s important to let children fail…

The family is in bad shape.  Divorce, single parenting, hard economic times, and parents who are overly busy and distracted are a few of the contributing factors. 


The problems of poor parenting gets everyone’s attention—from organizations such

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Rod Dreher

Sex after Christianity…

In 1954, C. S. Lewis talked about the un-christening of Europe.  In 1966, sociologist Philip Rieff described the “‘deconversion’ of the West from Christianity.” 


Non-Christian was the term used by poet and essayist T. S. Eliot in

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Ideas Have Consequences

The death of character – ideas do have consequences…

Character is dead.  It did not die a natural death.  Its demise had been a long time coming.  Moral character ceased to be possible as our culture increasingly refused to accept objective good and evil.



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A pop culture primer: the sexualization of girlhood…

“‘They grow up so fast’ used to be a wistful sigh; now it’s a panicked cry for help from parents watching their 10-year-old daughters critique Miley Cyrus’s twerking and discuss oral sex with their friends.”


Thus runs the caption

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Man's Search for Meaning

Is happiness necessary for a good life?

Happiness. Feeling good. No stress. No worries.  These are ways that many Americans describe the good life.  But in an article entitled “Against Happiness,” philosopher Carl Elliott doubts the “wisdom of making psychological well-being the sole measure of

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